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Welcome to the technological side of the world of Dungeons and Dragons! Here, we will upload all of the character sheets, adventure notes, etc. so that everyone can look at it all regardless of where the paper copies are. I plan to periodically post any important updates here. Have fun and explore the site!

Here is the how-to page on creating and editing these wiki pages.
Here is the welcome page to Riverdale.

Becoming Ascendant

Most of the best features of this site are exclusively for members who pay $5/month or $40/year. These members have Ascendant accounts. This includes maps, forums, email notifications, co-GMs, secret messages, and a couple other things. If the group likes the site and wants to expand, we can all put forward some money for an Ascendant account. We would only need to pay for the GM to become Ascendant for the upgrade to affect us all. The decision is up to you.

Main Page

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