The Riverdale Adventures

Retrieving Mjolnir
Our Beginning

It all started with a wizard. He gathered us and tasked the party with retrieving an artifact. After we arrived, the wizard teleported us to the starting point and left a portal open to return. We fumbled around a little bit but soon found a passageway behind a mirror. Following it, the party solved a riddle to keep from being crushed then came into a tomb and slew some skeletons. After that we encountered automatons, a flooding room, a hair-removing forcefield, and I think there were some spiders too.

Past the forcefield, which left the dwarven cleric’s head overly smooth, the party found Mjolnir, drained of power and in a desk drawer. After that was a chaotic blur of being chased back to the portal by a jumbo-sized automaton turned against us. Now, having returned and the portal closed, we reported back to the wizard who took Mjolnir off our hands and rewarded us with gold and sword enchanting.

Looking back, I’m certain that there was some mind affecting and/or reality altering magic at work at that time, but there is no denying that it happened. Our future adventures, I’m sure, will stick more closely to the laws of the universe. I pray that you enjoy this summary of our stumbling.

Farewell, Saranj
The Riverdale Chronicles
An Introduction

Welcome, readers, to The Riverdale Chronicles

I, Saranj the Eloquent, shall be chronicling the tales of our gallant heroes. At times my companions may supplement these chronicles with entries of their own when I was not there or I am otherwise incapable of recording the adventures.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy our tales of adventure, misadventure, antics, theatrics, quirks, smirks, paths, and laughs. So now, without further ado, I humbly present to you

The Riverdale Chronicles

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